Project: Kukua

Kukua's vision is to close Africa's weather information gap by leveraging new weather station technology and mutually beneficial partnerships. Our sustainable solution will provide accurate weather data and forecasts to small holder farmers, commercial farmers and other stakeholders throughout Africa.

Kukua (Swahili for "growth") is in the process of rolling out weather stations in Africa. We currently have around twenty stations in countries like Tanzania, Kenya, and others. Another batch of twenty stations has just been shipped to Ibadan. Our goal is to collect accurate historical weather data in Africa. Mainly for providing African people with more accurate weather forecasts. For example, rainfall forecasts for small holder farmers to help them to improve their crop production.

At Kukua I'm responsible for developing and maintaining the back end services. Mainly providing the necessary infrastructure and processing the sensor data. The software that Kukua develops is open-source. I love this philosophy. Besides server maintenance, I'm mainly working on developing ConCaVa. A generic sensor data processor. The full definition: Configuration driven binary payload processor for Converting, Calibrating, and Validating dynamic sensor data. More info here. By developing a generic piece of software, hopefully other developers no longer have to implement custom code to process their own sensor data.

Good stuff!